Position: President and General Manager

Location: Houston, Texas


Direct overall strategic planning and operations for manufacturer of forged-steel products for the oil-and-gas industry.
Identify potential synergies, business opportunities, and shortcomings and develop, maintain, and strengthen customer relationships by implementing engagement strategies that address project-management solutions and terms of sales contracts.
Directly supervise management team, including delegating work assignments, evaluating performance, imposing discipline, and making hiring, promotion, compensation, and discharge decisions, and coordinate the supervision of plant employees to ensure harmonious employee relations.
Establish short-term and long-term business objectives, identify and develop key performance indicators that accurately measure achievement, and formulate incentives that appropriately reward employee efforts.
Critically evaluate cash-flow budget, forecasts, activity reports, and financial statements, including profit-and-loss statement and balance sheet, to determine progress and status in attaining objectives, and revise objectives and plans in accordance with current market conditions.
Maximize return on investment by managing capital-investment budget and asset allocation in connection with sales bids by fabrication-equipment manufacturers.
Direct technical initiatives to improve manufacturing process of carbon-steel and stainless-steel products, including verification of technical requirements during commissioning activities of new equipment.
Coordinate procurement strategies that minimize price and safeguard supply-chain reliability.
Evaluate production schedule to ensure workflow and labor-usage optimization.
Ensure execution of effective and legally-compliant health, safety, and environmental programs.
Use macros, pivot tables, vertical lookups, charts and graphs, and complex formulas in Microsoft Excel to review and evaluate operational, financial, sales-and-marketing, pricing, distribution, staffing, and other activities.
Promote a favorable company image.


Master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering, Business Administration, or a field related to either.
6 years of managerial experience involving the fabrication of metallic products for the oil-and-gas industry.
Experience with directing technical initiatives to improve metal-fabrication processes.
Experience with the manufacture of carbon-steel or stainless-steel products.
Experience with hiring and managing personnel.
Experience with coordinating production schedules to ensure workflow and labor-usage optimization.
Experience with interfacing with fabrication-equipment manufacturers and verifying technical requirements during commissioning activities.
Experience with negotiating sales contracts.
Experience with implementing customer-engagement strategies to ensure effective project management by customers.
Experience with coordinating procurement strategies and negotiating pricing with suppliers of raw materials.
Experience with analyzing financial reports, including profit-and-loss statement, balance sheet, and cash-flow budget.
Experience with capital-investment budgeting and allocating assets to maximize return on investment.
Experience with developing key performance indicators and formulating employee incentives.
Experience with ensuring compliance with health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations.
Experience with using macros, pivot tables, vertical lookups, charts and graphs, and complex formulas in Microsoft Excel.
Approximately 20% domestic and international travel required.


To apply, mail your resume to:
Galperti, Inc.
160 Southbelt Industrial Drive
Houston, Texas 77047
Attention: Job Code MA

Galperti is an equal opportunity employer.